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International E-commerce Strategy

E-commerce is an excellent industry to enter. It is projected to have significant growth in the future. Currently, too, it is faring well for itself. Once you find the best platform for startups and build your local E-commerce store, the chances are you would eventually want to expand.

The world of international E-commerce is slightly different. When devising a winning global E-commerce strategy, there are various things you must consider.

But first, platforms!

Before you even begin worrying about how to expand your business on an international scale, you first need to find the best Ecommerce platform 2018 has to offer to base your store on. The best approach for this is to make an E-commerce platforms comparison and select among the best international E-commerce platforms. Some of the best ones you will come across include:

  • Shopify that is known to support thousands of global eCommerce stores. Its affordable packages and excellent support makes it an excellent choice for many.
  • Magento, on which various big brands are based. While it is a tad complex, its customization options allow your store to have its own identity.
  • Big Commerce which is known for its free themes, easy to understand interface and a quality customer support system.

Building a strategy

Once you have found a platform that works perfectly for an international audience, you must begin devising your plan. Here is how you do so.

Research, research, research!

Don’t ever base your decisions on gut feelings or your local experience. Instead, it is important to research about international markets before you delve into them. Look into consumer behavior of every country you wish to tap into. Conduct an industry analysis to see if it is even profitable to begin operation in a given state. Search about duties and taxes of different places. Construct your strategy according to the insights you get.

Test it all first

Just because you think your eCommerce store is ready for this jump doesn’t mean it is. To test the waters, it is best to launch your store one country at a time. Going slowly is an excellent strategy when you are treading into uncharted territories.


Spend a considerable amount of time planning your big move. Have a strategy in place before you begin your international operations. You will be limiting your risk drastically through this approach.


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