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Are you trying to find the perfect ecommerce platform for you? Then this is definitely the article for you. When you are trying to find the right solution, sometimes the decision can be a tough one because there is so much choice out there, and so a great thing that you can do is look at a comparison between two great options, which is exactly what we are going to be doing in this article. Bellow, we are going to be talking about Volusion and Selz, some really excellent options, so make sure that you keep reading to find out which one is the right one for your business.

To start off, let’s take a look at Selz. This is a solution that is perfect for a small business that is just starting up in the world of international ecommerce and it is one that will allow you to sell all kind of products. The store builder that comes with this platform is really easy to use and you will have complete control over the finished look of your online store, and thanks to some of the tools that this platform offers, like the great themes, getting to that beautiful design will be really easy. The themes are already pre-designed and can be customized using the drag and drop function and you will literally be able to have a store up and running in about 30 minutes. You will have excellent customer support as well as an SSL certificate that will come for free. Excellent encryption and even an abandoned cart recovery, and both of those things combined will really help you get customers to trust you and get more sales that would’ve normally been lost. If there is one downside that we can talk about, it is the fact that the solution is far from scalable. In fact, if your business experiences a very fast growth, you will definitely have to start looking for a different solution that will accommodate the needs of your business.

Next, in this ecommerce platform comparison, we are going to take a look at Volusion. This is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that will give you all of the basic functions that you will need in order to run an online store. When you are trying to figure out if this is the platform for you, then it will really come down to whether you are comfortable with editing CSS and HTML code, since this is something that will be necessary when working with Volusion. This is a platform that is very SEO friendly which will help you really get your business out there since you will be able to get higher rankings on the search engines. The interface of the platform is incredibly intuitive and very easy to use and it also comes with a lot of very useful features such as advances shipping, coupon capability, rewards programs, gift certificates and more. There is also the very important integration with the inventory of your business, and the customer support that you will get as the user of this platform is something that you won’t get from a lot of other platforms. The one thing that we will say is that the program as a whole has a pretty complicated fee structure and it involves a lot of secondary costs which can make it a pretty expensive choice, which is something you need to keep in mind when deciding. SSL is something that you will have to pay for, which isn’t the case when it comes to Selz.

When it comes to this ecommerce platform comparison, we have to say that the right choice will depend on what you are comfortable with and what you are after. We hope that you found this article helpful and that one of the options above will work out for you and your business.

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